This replica of the classic Smith & Wesson revolver comes extremely close to the legendary original. Not only does it have the same weight and size, the handling and trigger characteristics are equally impressive. This is how a real revolver should feel. The Co2 version of the Smith & Wesson Model 586 comes with a 4" or 6" barrel and a micrometer sight for precise pellet shooting from the 1-round rotary magazine. The 12g CO2 cartridge is concealed behind non-slip combat rubber grips.


  • Calibre: 4.5 mm (.177) Pellet
  • Capacity: 10 rounds
  • Velocity: 426 ft/s
  • Length: 285 mm
  • Weight: 1250 g
  • Shot Count: 60 shots**

**Number of shots can vary, depending on environment, temperature, quality of Co2, firing rate.

Smith & Wesson 586 Black 6inch