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The Worlds NO.1 square spring with molybdenum & PTFE for up to 40% more compressed poundage than conventional mainsprings. NOTE: may take rifles to over 12ftlbs.  

NO1 FITS - BSA Airsporter, Lightning, Anschutz 335, Original 35, 38, 45, 50, RWS 24, 27, 34, 45, 50 reium, HW50, HW55, HW57, HW85, HW90, HW99, Haenel Lion, ASI CF 16/20, Webley Mk3 (if the spring guide is reduced by 20 thou)

NO2 FITS - BSA Meteor, HW57, Milbro Diana G80 and 27, Norica, Baikal

NO3 FITS - BSA Superstar (12ftlbs only), Webley (all models)

NO4 FITS - HW35 (Diana Orig RWS 52, 48)

NO5 FITS - HW80, Webley Eclipse

NO6 FITS - HW77, HW(&, Feinwerkbau Sport, Also larger original models if ultimate power required

NO7 FITS - ASI Sniper, Magnum (and all other ASI models) Diana 79 and Gamo

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