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HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L 384x288 12um 20mK 50mm F0.9 Thermal Fusion Optical IR LRF Binoculars

The HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L thermal binoculars come equipped with a 1000m laser rangefinder, a <20mK 384x288 12um thermal sensor and a 2560x1440 HD Day & Night Camera providing the best value for money thermal binocular on the market. The HikMicro Raptor RH50L combines industry leading thermal performance with a high performance day and night vision camera to deliver a mutli spectral detection system that is capable of detecting heat sources out to 2600m.

The detail of the thermal image you see on the screen is defined by the quality of the components and their ability to measure small differences in temperature. TheHIKMICRO Raptor RH50L is equipped with HIKMICRO’s all new SUB 20 NETD 384x288px sensor, this is the most accurate available on the market today. Another first is the F0.9 aperture 50mm lens system of the HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L this offers an unrivalled ability to transmit the thermal signal, ensuring that more of the detail reaches the sensor. These key components combine to deliver highly detailed thermal image and the best performance in adverse weather conditions.

The HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L also has a high quality day & night optical camera built in. During daylight hours you can call on a detailed full colour image to help identify the heat source you have located. When it gets dark the camera switches to night mode and the inbuilt IR will help you to see up to 400m in the dark. The inbuilt image stabilisation reduces hand shake and allows you to use the Raptor like a conventional set of binoculars and get a clear image even at high magnification. 

The final lens on the front of the Raptor belongs to the Integrated Laser Range Finder. This can measure distances of targets up to 1000m away and is accurate to ±1m. The Raptor also has a compass and GPS built in for detailed location information. 

The ergonomic chassis of the HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L is comfortable for use over a long period and allows all of the major controls to fall easily to hand. The focus for the thermal image is located on the bridge of the binoculars, between the eyepieces while each button falls comfortably to a finger and is intuitive to use, even in the dark. The Raptor is powered by 3x 18650 batteries to give a run time of 8 hours and the detachable battery compartment makes it easy to change. 

The dual eyepieces deliver information to both eyes at the same time which aids detection and is more comfortable for use over a long period making the HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L a great step up when you are comparing the pro's and cons of monocular devices. The HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L can be adjusted to comfortably fit your eyes with the interpupillary distance being adjusted from 60mm to 70mm giving you an excellent view of the HD OLED display. The inbuilt sensor can tell when you take the binoculars away from your face and automatically switches the displays off to eliminate any light spill that may illuminate you in the dark.

HIKMICRO Raptor RH50L 384x288 12um 20mK 50mm F0.9 Thermal Fusion Optical IR LRF

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