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Gateway Woodwalker 18″ 4mm Wellington Boot are an inspiring pair of Wellington Boots designed with optimum functionality and comfort for use on a variety of terrains in the harshest of weather conditions when hunting, farming or walking the dog.

These robust Woodwalker boots are ideal for people who are passionate about life in the great outdoors and are looking for reliability and performance with an adjustable gusset to accommodate all sizes of calves. Designed using a high quality lightweight vulcanized rubber compound with a warm flexible Neoprene upper which is highly durable and comfortable with a hard wearing reputation.If you are looking for a fully waterproof boot that looks like a wellington yet feels like a running shoe then this Woodwalker Boot is a versatile boot for all your favourite activities.

Available in Green in UK 5 – 15

  • Wellington upper is made from natural vulcanized rubber, a mix of pure natural rubber mixed with additives, then rolled and prepared to rubber pieces, die cut and then hand laid over the boot. Particularly strong, this rubber compound is used in farming and equestrian to resist abrasion from environment.
  • Japan Rubber™, a multi-layer natural rubber is used to reinforce the foot for extra protection and waterproofness, this rubber is laminated together with a rubber net to ensure extra reinforcement and protection, proving 2.5 times stronger in a flex-test.
  • Outsole All-terrain gripper 2.0 ensures comfort as a running shoe with 4 x 4 grip with added width  for stability cemented sole 
  • A shock absorbing mid-sole inspired from a running shoe for protection and all day comfort
  • Coil lining features a specially developed pattern to transport moisture away from your feet and legs during intense activity, combined with the Neoprene, G1 air spacer for greater air flow
  • Rough outsole profile for good grip in soft ground
  • Heel kicker function for ease of removing boots in wet muddy conditions
  • Adjustable Gusset for wider calves
  • Comfort rating -20 degrees
  • G1 stage 3 Footbed for support, extra shock absorbing pads in the heel and the forefoot

Gateway Woodwalker 18" 4mm Wellington Boot

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