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Gateway 1 Sportsman 18″ 4mm Wellingtons are a very affordable, everyday men’s wellington boot with a high grip outsole pattern, adjustable gusset for comfort & cosy neoprene insulated lining ideal for all manner of activities in any weather conditions. There is a handy heel kicker for your convenience.

Beautifully designed and crafted, the Sportsman boots are perfect for wet, slippy and muddy terrain, are incredibly comfortable and are guaranteed 100% waterproof to the top of the boot.

Available in Dark Green

  • Crafted from G1®62™a vulcanised natural rubber™, a very strong rubber compound developed to resist abrasion in environments such as farming and equestrian
  • Moisture absorbent and transport Coil Lining to keep your feet and legs dry within no matter how hot you get and then lined with 4mm neoprene to insulate against temperatures as low as -5C
  • G1®-stage1™ footbed – made from molded EVA this footbed has extra shock absorbent pads in the heel and forefoot for supreme comfort and endless comfort underfoot-the shock absorbency and insulating midsole performs like a running shoe providing necessary protection
  • Field Sport™ outsole – designed to control take-off, stability, shock absorbent qualities and grip and brake ability so you can focus on the job in hand rather than terrain under your feet – the outsole helps you to walk on a wide range of surfaces with optimum grip. Small lugs front and rear provide a great ‘push off’ grip and a prominent heel for ‘braking’ grip so will bite nicely into the ground
  • Calf fit is normal and length at 18″ for full leg protection, the adjustable gusset is placed at the back, prevents any chance of snagging gusset straps on branches and breaking them as walking
  • Thickness of rubber and addition of lining means the boots keep their shape well and do not collapse inwards if going into deeper water
  • Convenient heel kicker function for easy removal after a day out walking on the moors
  • Glass fiber shank support system through the sole, providing great stability on any ground surface

Gateway 1 Sportsman 18″ 4mm Wellington Boots

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