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The Titan, as its name suggests, is a larger capacity gunsafe, which is built to the same specification as the Sentinel Plus. A single gunsafe can hold up to 14 shotguns and provision is made to fit two Titans together to hold up to 28 shotguns. For rifles we offer provision for upto 10 scoped rifles in the single gunsafe or up to 20 scoped rifles if you have two Titans fitted together. The high quality in-house workmanship of the Titan Gunsafe is stylishly Set Off with a laser Cut steel name badge.

  • Double skinned vault type door
  • 5 point locking with electro-plated door pins
  • 7 lever double throw lock with double bitted key
  • Radial tumbler lockon internal compartment


  • Standard Depth Safes
  • Not suitable for rifles with scopes
  • TS14 Dimensions: 1520 x 550 x 395mm 90kg
  • TS28 Dimensions: 1520 x 1100 x 395mm 180kg


  • Extra Deep Safes
  • For scoped rifles and shotguns
  • TR10 Dimensions:1520 x 550 x 395mm 90kg
  • TR20 Dimensions:1520 x 1100 x 395mm 180kg


The TS28 and TR20 models are two cabinets which are pre-drilled for bolting together during installation. Both doors are hinged on the right hand side. As standard all Titan models Come with internal locking top compartments. These can, at the point of ordering, be left out to accommodate longer guns, or can be substituted for a shelf.


Brattonsound Titan Gunsafe TS 14

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