This CO2-pistol with blowback-effect and metal slide was designed with the newest version of the US-military sidearm as role model. On first view like the famous Beretta M92, the differences are in the details. The frame was remodeled, received a non-slippery structure and a Picatinny-rail. It carries a longer, threaded barrel for a suppressor or silencer (not available on this Co2 model). This gun comes with the popular FDE-finish "Flat Dark Earth").


Includes a small bag of steel BBs.

  • Calibre: .177 BB (.177 cal)
  • Capacity: 16 rounds
  • Velocity: 100 m/s (328 ft/s)
  • Length: 225 mm
  • Weight: 850 g
  • Per Capsule: 80 shots**


**number of shots can vary, depending on environment, temperature, quality of Co2, firing rate.
If you love military handguns, Mike Morton (editor, Airgun Shooter Magazine) thinks the Beretta M9 A3 is well worth a shot. 
Air Gunner Magazine also has a look at the Beretta M9 A3, the latest replica of the US Army's preferred sidearm.

Beretta M9 A3 Co2 Pistol by Umarex