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Designed exclusively for Sporting and Compak, the 828 U Sport is a feature rich, competition shotgun. The action has the revolutionary Lock Plate of the 828 U; an internal steel locking mechanism which ensures action strength. With great balance and stability, minimum muzzle climb and very low recoil; this gun simply flaunts its Sporting DNA! Discover the unparalleled features that make the 828 U Sport: The Sporting Over and Under.


The Benelli 828U Sport is a competition gun, built for optimum performance and designed to deliver.
The slick black Sport aesthetic sets it apart from the classic engraving that is normally found on guns in this price range. It is styled for Sport, specifically targeting the competition clay shooter with an athletic and performance focused mindset.
Gun Statistics
Cast: Right Hand
Weight: 8.05 lbs
Barrels: 30”



Benelli 828U Sport

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