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Logun Eagle

The BSA Logun Eagle Air Rifle

The Logun Eagle showcases several unique and shooter friendly features, an amazing new stock design and most importantly of all, is supremely accurate and easy to use.

The first unique feature is the dual receiver that runs the full length of the rifle, both sides of the action, that holds a large volume of air to give over 70 shots in .22 yet, due to its narrow profile, is light and compact.

The user friendly stainless steel Versa Glide™ side bolt action is not only smooth, positive and a joy to use but it hides its piece de resistance under its black cover plate.

The action is ambidextrous and can in a matter of minutes be converted from right to left handed and back again. A real boon if you share your rifle with someone who is opposite handed to yourself.

The Logun Eagle is designed as a single shot rifle, yet by utilising of the Eagle 10 manual magazine you have 10 shots at your disposal. Simply thumb round the magazine between shots and a new pellet is ready to be loaded and sent on its way.

The unique Logun designed trigger features a fully adjustable two stage mechanism. It is smooth, precise and crisp and has an integral cross over safety catch.

The rifle has a free floating choked barrel that ensures accuracy, 1/2" groups at 45 yards were consistently achieved in tests.

With an optional dedicated Logun silencer that screws directly onto the barrel, there is no clipping and inaccuracy.

This rifle has been designed from the outset to be for all types of shooters, for juniors, beginners and experienced shooters of all shapes and sizes.

To this end a unique stock has been created, multi adjustable, and ergonomic to be a comfortable tailored fit. Whilst the adjustable butt pad ensures that your eye is always in the perfect position relative to your scope.

The optional synthetic stock further enhances versatility by incorporating a integral power compartment. The adjustable butt pad can be removed all together to reveal a cavity designed to house the optional Eagle MNiH battery pack that powers the famous Logun Ultra-Lite. By sliding the battery pack in and replacing the cheek piece you can plug your lamp straight in and have up to three hours continuous illumination, the batteries can even be recharged whilst still in the stock, minimising trailing wires, nothing to snag on branches whilst hunting.

This entry level rifle is designed to be the rifle of choice for the discerning shooter, its versatility and performance mean it is a true sporting rifle, a true Logun.

Technical details:

  • Precharged pneumatic air rifle
  • 10 shot magazine - single shot tray
  • 14mm diameter barrel
  • Dual receiver air supply
  • Stainless Steel Versa Glide™ bolt action
  • Cross over safety catch
  • Calibre .22
  • Length: 36 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Barrel: 17.5 inches

Shots per charge:

  • Standard .22 cal = 75 shots

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