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AGS PCR1 Range


In keeping with all AGS products, the PCR1 has been designed "by airgunners, for airgunners".

Like many of the best ideas it came in the pub after a good days hunting. Jan Mokrzycki and Simon Gibbon were chatting and putting the world to rights, when the conversation inevitably turned to air rifles.

As the evening wore on the pair came up with the idea of a pre charged pneumatic for the price of a springer.

This gem of an idea was taken to the AGS engineers who, although initially sceptical, have never been known to back down from a challenge and they went straight to work.

They stripped the concept of the air rifle to its base parts and started examining each one in minute detail, redesigning, recalculating and inventing as they went.

The heart of any pcp is the valve and by rejecting current technology as being too costly and complex the engineers set about designing a new style of valve. What they came up with was a totally revolutionary piece of technology that is not only simpler, using 30% fewer components than contemporary designs, it is also lighter, cheaper and more efficient. This efficiency meant that the air reservoir could be made smaller and still deliver a good number of shots before refilling became necessary, again saving weight and money.

The barrel chosen for this rifle is manufactured from high carbon steel, giving excellent strength and uniformity. It is expertly rifled and machined to the highest tolerances, after all without a good barrel you can't have a good rifle.

The next area that was addressed was the trigger. This is a vital interface between shooter and weapon and must be of the highest possible quality, with a crisp positive release. The two stage adjustable unit fitted to the PCR1 won't disappoint even the most experienced shooter, it is a joy to use and offers both control and feel.

The revolutionary stock is designed to appeal to younger shooters who seek something a bit different, without alienating the traditionalists who like a nice wood stock. Here the PCR1 will please both camps with its beautifully finished beeck stock.

Not only have the AGS engineers met the challenge posed for them by Ian and Simon, in doing so they have produced a fine, accurate, lightweight and user friendly pcp air rifle - all for the price of a springer!

Technical details:

  • Pre charged pneaumatic
  • Single shot
  • Quick connect fitting charging system
  • Built in filtration
  • Side action cocking bolt
  • Manual cross over safety
  • Calibres .177 (4.5mm) and .22 (5.5mm)
  • Length 860mm - 33.9"
  • Barrel length - 480mm - 18.9"
  • Weight - 2.3kg - 5 lbs
  • 50 shots per charge in .22 - 5.5mm


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