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Beretta 692

It is with great excitement that we are able to bring you details of the much anticipated Beretta 692

The 682 became almost legendary in status as the competition over and under of choice from Beretta. Following on from their success with the DT11, Beretta turned their attention to the 682, with the aim of developing the next generation of competition over and under. In the Beretta 692 you will discover an extraordinary, thoroughbred competition gun, which will take your performance to another level!

It is the successful mix of tradition and technology, together with the elegant and striking new design, that makes the Beretta 692 absolutely outstanding.  At its core, the Beretta 692 has three key new features; Steelium Plus Barrels, a wider receiver and the inclusion of the new B FAST system.

Stellium Plus

Every Beretta barrel has a three part internal geometry; first the chamber, then the forcing cone to bring the barrel diameter down to the final section which will be at the required bore size. The 682, has a conic length (forcing cone) of 65mm. With the DT11 Beretta lengthened this to a huge 480mm! The Beretta 692 has a conic length of 360mm, five and a half times longer than the 682! This more gradually decreasing bore section makes for much smoother pressure dynamics inside the barrel and better weight distribution along the barrel. All of which means improved ballistic performance for the Beretta 692. In plain English we're talking, far less recoil and barrel raise, higher precision and better patterning making the Beretta 682 both a joy to use and a precision instrument. Beretta has always been one of the best barrel manufacturers in the world but by this lengthening of the conic section in the Beretta 692 they have redefined the competition barrel.

Beretta 692 action

Wider Receiver

A competition O/U should above all be evenly balanced, to provide greater stability before and after each shot. By widening the action of the Beretta 692 you will achieve better shouldering and faster target acquisition.

Beretta 692 bfast system


The inclusion of Beretta's B FAST system, balance and handling is further improved. Space has been created in the bottom of the stock of the Beretta 692 to allow the insertion of, up to 5, 20g metal wads. This enables to shooter to micro adjust the point of balance.

New Look

The look of the new Beretta 692 is very much a-kin to the DT11. A highly polished receiver is embellished with black and gold engraving giving the new Beretta 692 a stylish and elegant look. Beretta describes it as "one of the most beautiful guns they have ever made." Whether you agree with that or not, you cannot fail to recognise the improved performance the Beretta 692 will deliver thanks to the cutting edge design and outstanding technical performance of the ALL NEW Beretta 692.

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